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Projector Brightness

Brightness is measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens: the higher the ANSI lumens level, the brighter the projector.
So how bright should your projector be? First you need to consider the following factors:

Can you control the light in the room ?
The best results, regardless of projector brightness, are obtained in a dark room; however it is not always possible to control the light.
If you are going to use the projector in a room where there will be lighting or where there aren’t any curtains to block out the natural light, it is recommended to choose a bright projector.
Home users are advised to use their projector in a dark room to enjoy the home cinema experience to the full.

  • The more light there is in a room the brighter the projector will need to be in order to compete.

How many people will be in the room ?
The more people in the room, the bigger the picture will need to be to ensure everyone can see it.
Increasing the size of the picture will typically require the projector to be situated further away from the screen reducing the image brightness as the light is spread and travelling over a bigger area.

  • The more people in the room, the bigger the picture, the brighter the projector.

What is your application ?
Projecting text, graphs or any other detailed material from PC will require a brighter projector because of the need to see and read the details of what is being projected. These applications will also require some amount of ambient light for note-taking and communication.
Videos and TV do not need such a bright projector as they are visually less demanding and are usually shown in darker rooms, if the projector is too bright for home cinema this may reduce the image contrast.

  • The more detailed the image/picture, the brighter the projector.

Once you have decided the factors of room brightness, image size and what you will be projecting, you can decide what level of brightness is best for your application.

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